Lori Parish

Castle Dreams.jpg


Art, especially abstract art, imitates the human condition.

Nothing is perfect. Some things may look more perfect than others to our eyes when measured against a random, chiseled-together sociopolitical sense of what should be; however, perfection just isn't possible and reality is elusive.

So what actually matters in life? My intentions, honesty, compassion, acceptance, creativity and integrity. It matters that I aim to be the best version of myself for me and for the benefit of others. When we look upon art, what matters is that we use the perception we each have, which has been shaped by our life experiences. Thus, art is a catalyst to help us be mindful of our own reality.

This is exactly why I am passionate about my art. It does not try to be perfect. It does not try to be real. It just exists.

Take a look at my paintings, allow yourself to see what you see, and feel their essence.



Let something stir within you.

Immerse them into your world and carry them with you as you go forth.