Lori Parish

Castle Dreams.jpg


Art is a means of transferring energy from the creator to the observer.

 Everything familiar to us exists in perpetual motion – rebirth, vibration, connection. My paintings express the energy I am manifesting during their creation, rather than trying to capture and hold hostage a moment in time. Their essence lives on long after they part from my easel.

I strive for authenticity in my work rather than perfection. Perfection is an elusive and subjective state of mind; an illusion per se, and as such it is not real. My intention as an artist is to breathe life into my work so that I may share a part of me with you. In doing so, we become co-creators on this journey.

 As you step into my creative space, allow yourself to linger with the curiosity of your inner child. Embrace the feelings evoked by your intentional focus. Immerse yourself in the energy.  Celebrate the connection we have made.