Introducing Karma Pricing

Karma Pricing is a way to “PAY IT FORWARD”

2018 has been a year of giving for me. A year to reach out and help as many people as I can at a personal level. By the way, it feels awesome! All of you who do this regularly know what I mean. Continuing on this path I have decided to incorporate GIVING, into my art sales and this is where Karma Pricing comes in.

As you know, the cost of original artwork can be expensive. There are many good reasons for this, including the cost of materials, the artist’s time in conception and execution and most of all the many, many years of education and experience. There is also a tremendous amount of time (value) spent on marketing and networking and research and other business activities that must figure into the cost of a painting. Having said that, very few living, working, contemporary artists become prominent and wealthy. We create because we are compelled to do so.

The cost of any item for sale is relative and can unfortunately sometimes seem arbitrary. It can also be outrageous. Take David Hockney’s painting, Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures), for example. He is expecting it to sell at Christie’s Auction for $80 million. Of course, this is an extreme example, however my point is that many hardworking, well deserving people should have the opportunity to afford art that they adore and to which they feel an emotional connection. I cannot change the long-established structure, rigidity and workings of the art word overnight, but I can make a difference for you.

Without a doubt, much of my pleasure as an artist comes from imagining and creating my paintings. However, I feel real joy when others, like you, bring one of my creations into your life; to enhance your home or office or gift it to someone special.

How Karma Pricing Works

Periodically I will post a painting that is available for Karma Pricing.

When you see one that speaks to you, email me at loriellenparish@gmail.com and let me know two things.

1.       Why does this painting appeal to you or why it is important for you to be its new owner?

2.       What amount are you comfortable paying for it?


Current asking prices are found on my website www.loriparishfineart. This can be used as a guideline regarding value. This does not mean you have to offer that amount. It can be lower or higher. I really mean for you to tell me what amount you believe it is worth and that you comfortable paying!

This is not an auction. I will not be holding out for the highest bidder. I want the person who has the most desire to own the painting to acquire it.

Anyone outside of the Kingston, ON area will be responsible for the shipping costs.


To complete the cycle of Pay It Forward, a portion of all sales from Karma Pricing will be donated to local charities.